Our odor controlling products are available in liquids and granules.


Most common use:  Water soluble liquids are diluted with water and then sprayed towards the neighbors away from the odors.

Liquids are available in gallons, pails, drums and totes

We carry super concentrated liquids that are up to 5 times stronger in most cases than many other products on the market.  Ask for samples to compare.


We also carry less concentrated liquids to help with budgets

Use our nozzle system or your existing system.

You can buy either the nozzle itself

or our Mist Stick which is ready to install, just insert the hose into the diluted odor controlling liquid and provide compress air.


Sprinkle them on the source of the odor

or pour granules into our WindScent TM sleeves and hang them around the odorous area.


You may also want to put granules inside custom made blankets to cover containers emitting odors.

Granules are sold in 25 pound pails.  Our granules are 2 to 5 times stronger than most granules in the market.  Ask for samples to compare.