Compactor Odor Control Products

For over 30 years we have been making products to eliminate odors from compactors.

Our compactor deodorizers are up to 5 times stronger than most products on the market today.

If you have your compactors emptied daily or every other day, you may not need to use our product. Buy our odor controlling granules and liquids only if your garbage sits in the compactor for 3 or more days.

Regarding customers who have odors coming from their compactors:

  • Average yearly dollars spent ranges from less than $375 to $1100
  • Some comments:
  1. “The granules are working great.”
  2. “We loved the granules but we found a cheaper product but it didn’t work so please call back in the Spring for a reorder.”
  3. “Good stuff. We are using more than recommended (4 teaspoons twice a day in a 39 yard compactor) but it is worth it.”

The flexibility of our products allows you to choose what you want to use.

Choose between liquids and granules


Spray liquids using a spray bottle (better if a chemical resistant bottle) or use your existing spray system. Dilute our super concentrated liquid 1 oz of odor controlling liquid to 1 gallon of water, prior to use.

Liquids are available in gallons, pails, and drums.

We carry super concentrated liquids that are up to 5 times stronger in most cases than many other products on the market. Ask for samples.

We also carry less concentrated liquids to help with budgets.


If you would prefer using granules, sprinkle them on the source of the odor. Use about 1 to 2 ounces as needed or pour them into our WindScent TM sleeves and hang them around the odorous area.

Our granules are 2 to 5 times stronger than most granules in the market. Ask for samples to compare.