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Proven Products

For over 30 years we have been selling odor controlling products, worldwide. Many of our customers have been working with us for decades.


We are a family owned and managed company. What does this mean to you? It means you don’t have a revolving door of inexperienced sales reps. You can deal with people who are knowledgeable and committed to the integrity of the product and company we represent.

Peace of Mind

For most of our customers, we offer free samples. What does this mean to you? It means you can try the product before you buy it.


We have successfully treated many types of waste odors like MSW, green waste and compost.


If your H₂S or other gaseous odors are at safe levels, we have products that can reduce or eliminate the odors.


Reduce or eliminate sewage odors or waste odors handled at industrial WWTP


Restaurants, shopping centers, buildings with trash rooms etc. have been relying on our products to resolve their odor problems.

Lift Stations

Are your sewer related odors controlled at the plant but not the lift station? Our products will control your odors at lift stations.


Companies with compactors, where trash accumulates, rely on our products to get rid of their odors

Grease Traps

Whether you own a grease trap or pump it out, we have products that will control the odors during the cleaning process.

Asphalt and petroleum

Our university tested product can help you solve your odors from asphalt of any petroleum based odor.

Free samples available to most customers

Odor Control Company, INC

Why not finally get a product that actually controls your odor problems? Our products are generally up to 5 times stronger than other products available in the market today. We know the science of odors and know that different odors require different solutions.

Most of our customers deal with various forms of solid waste and sewage. We have helped control odors for other customers as well.

  • Rendering Plants
  • Wineries and others dealing with organic odors
  • Blood from slaughterhouses and other sources
  • Food and pet food manufacturing

and many other odors

Why not choose us?

Odor Control Company offers peace of mind

After so many decades of solving odor problems, there are few odors that we haven’t encountered.

Whatever your odor, give us a chance to prove to you that we can dramatically reduce or eliminate your odors.

Let us send you samples that you can either bench test or actually test at the site to see which product works best for you.


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Free samples available to most customers