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Asphalt & Petroleum Odor Control Solutions

Odor Control Company, Inc. has been making asphalt, coal tar emulsion, mercaptan, and petroleum odor control products for over 30 years. Whether the odors are present during use, manufacturing, storage, or soil remediation, we have proven products that can eliminate odors.

We were among the first two companies to formulate an asphalt odor eliminator. Our product is Auburn University-tested and NAPA-recommended. On average, customers spend from $3,300 to 39,000 yearly on these products.

Formulation Options

Our product line offers flexibility, enabling you to select the most suitable option. Our asphalt and petroleum odor control products are available in the following formulations: 

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  • Our oil-soluble odor-controlling product can be added directly to asphalt. 
  • Our liquid formulation can also be sprayed using one of our nozzle systems or an existing system. 
  • Both oil-soluble and water-soluble liquids are available in gallons, pails, and drums. 
  • We carry super-concentrated water-soluble liquids up to five times stronger than many other products on the market. (Ask for samples to compare.) 
  • We also carry less-concentrated liquids to help with budgets. 


  • Our granules can be sprinkled on the source of the odor or poured into our WindScent™ sleeves and hung around the odorous area. 
  • Our granules are two to five times stronger than most in the market. 

Most customers can obtain free samples. Contact us to learn more about our asphalt and petroleum odor control solutions.

Comments from Our Customers: 

“Product works great.” 

“Love product.”