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Dumpster Odor Control Products

For over 30 years, we have been making products to eliminate odors from dumpsters and trash rooms. Our dumpster deodorizers are up to five times stronger than most products on the market today.

Our dumpster odor control products are recommended for dumpsters where waste remains for three or more days. They may be optional if your dumpsters are emptied daily or every other day. On average, yearly costs for these products range from less than $375 to $1,100.

Formulation Options

Our product line offers flexibility, enabling you to select the most suitable option. Our dumpster deodorizers are available in the following formulations: 

Green Leaves


  • Spray the liquid using a spray bottle (preferably a chemical-resistant bottle) or your existing spray system.  
  • Prior to use, dilute our super-concentrated liquid by adding one ounce of odor-controlling liquid to one gallon of water. 
  • Liquids are available in gallons, pails, and drums. 
  • We carry super-concentrated liquids up to five times stronger than many other products on the market. (Ask for samples.) 
  • We also carry less-concentrated liquids to help with budgets. 


  • Sprinkle on the source of the odor. 
  • Use about one to two ounces, as needed, or pour into our WindScent™ sleeves and hang them around the odorous area. 

Most customers can obtain free samples. Contact us to learn more about our dumpster deodorizers. 

Comments from Our Customers: 

“A little bit goes far.” 

“We love the granules. We bought other products but they were junk. Yours works really, really well.” 

“I can’t believe how long it lasts.” 

“The granules work really good. I am so excited that I stumbled on your company.” 

“Granules work great. I put the granules in a shot glass and sprinkle them into the dumpster. Zero odors.”