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Odor-Removal Products for Lift Stations

For over 30 years, we have been making odor-removal products for lift stations. On average, customers spend less than $500 yearly for these products. 

Formulation Options

Our product line offers flexibility, enabling you to select the most suitable option. Our lift station deodorizers are available in the following formulations:

Green Leaves


  • Super-concentrated liquids that are up to five times stronger than many other products on the market. (Ask for samples to compare.) 
  • Can be sprayed using one of our nozzle systems or existing systems. 
  • Available in  gallons, pails, drums, and totes. 
  • Less-concentrated liquids are also available to help with budgets. 


  • Can be sprinkled on the source of the odor or poured into our WindScent™ sleeves and hung around the odorous area. 

We offer most customers free samples. Contact us today to learn more about our lift station deodorizers.

Comments from Our Customers: 

“Product works great.”

“Very, very happy. We are diluting the heck out of it and have lots left.”

“OCC has the only product that works. Everyone is loving it.”